Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bazinga Review

So I have a rather challenging Double Block Algebra 1 class.  They don't do well with normal worksheets and review on paper- they tune out and use it as an opportunity to chit chat and not work- so I'm on a mission to find everything I can to have them do math without realizing they are actually doing a worksheet.  So I found this Bazinga Game on the internet and made my own board with all the cards like the game said.  I then split my students into 3 groups ( I already had Popsicle sticks with their names on them so it was easy to assign them groups).  I randomly picked the groups.  At the beginning they whined- but got into it once we started.   Group 1 went first and I put a problem on the document camera and all the students answered the question on their white boards.  I think picked at random one of the Popsicle sticks from their group to make sure they were all working.  They were allowed to work with each other while doing it- but I did find that some didn't and if I called on their card and they got it wrong their group was mad and made sure on future problems they all worked on it and came to a consensus. If they got it correct, they got a point and could pick a card.  That was the most fun for them.  If they got it wrong, I subtracted a point and the other teams could go.  I didn't want to try and have them compete for who got it done first because both other teams were already done with their problem do I let both teams answer and get the point if they got it correct- again I randomly picked one from each of those groups so they didn't know who I was calling on.  If they both got it right they both had to agree on a number card to pick.  They had a ball.  There were a few hiccups.  Once or twice students went to the bathroom- but I didn't stop the game and both times it happen to be (completely random) that their Popsicle stick came up and they weren't happy that they lost a point because the person wasn't there to answer.  They were the ONLY two that went to the restroom- everyone else waited until the game was over.   The best part was when the kids had to switch teams when that card was drawn- they weren't happy- but it was interesting to see how they all begged and hopped to either move or have certain kids move.  It was a grand success.  I hope I can find more activities to use in class- they don't do well with worksheets- they are freshman- still full of energy and don't sit well for more than 1 or 2 minutes.

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  1. This is wonderful. I'm happy to hear that the game worked out for you!!!