Monday, July 2, 2012

This is not supposed to happen- I'm planning for the school year

Some of you may not know this  (my family and friends do, but people in the blog world might not) I am a high school math teacher.  For years- since high school, I always said that I didn't think during the summer.  Well- it's happened- I am.  I got sucked into a few websites the other night and found myself searching for 3 hours for ideas for my classes next year.

I've found a few cute ideas:
1.  Make a Bazinga Game  I found it on this website
2.  My room is only temporary so this would be a good way to decorate: Buy a puzzle from the dollar store that I can have students alter.  Give each student a puzzle piece or two and have them alter it- cover it with paper, color it, glitter it, etc to reflect themselves.  Put all the pieces back together and display in the classroom.
3.  My Algebra 1- Inclusion kids need more remediation.  I think at the beginning I'm going to make them redo the 12X12 multiplication table and put it in their notebook.  I'm amazed at how many times the students reach for a calculator to do simple math.  This is something that I don't think they know well enough and need to make these become second nature.
4.  Get a floor lamp near my desk and document camera.  Our classrooms have this horrible florescent light and in order for the kids to see on the screen, we have to turn one off- however these still give off a horrible glare.  But there is now way in h---- I am going to turn off both sets of lights in a class of teenagers.  Bad things happen when you do that. Some sort of light always needs to be on in the classroom.
5.  Use more foldables in the Algebra 1 notebooks.  I was really good with this at the beginning of the year but as the year went on I noticed I used less and less of them.
6.  Put stars on the board when students get A's on Tests.  I've used these for years and alot of the kids worked their butts off to get them.  Since my room this past year was temporary- although I'm in it for 1 more year apparently- I just didn't do it- and I kind of missed it.  So I'm going to put that back into action this year. 

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