Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dream about teaching and Oh Fransson's Cat quilt

Quilters and Teachers- this is for you. As we all know teachers have strange dreams about school and quilters dream of quilting- now mine have merged. This is last nights dream- I'm just about to leave for my ACC night class from my high school and the swat team comes with one of my students parents saying they needed to get into a students locker- they suspected something was going on. The student had left class already and was  in another part if the

building. Dad gives permission to open the locker and the a ton of charm packs, chocolate bar packs, and fat quarter packs falls out of his locker. Parents are puzzled. Police confiscated my phone so I can't call ACC and tell them I'm going to be late. they hold me there till student comes back- he returns and is questioned,searched by police- is found to have a quilt pattern on him. The police question him and he says that he's been buying them on sale and stock piling them so he can make oh fransson's cat quilt along while he's recovering from leg surgery the next day and he didn't want his parents to know he quilted .

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