Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wimberly Quilt Retreat

This weekend some of the girls from the Modern Quilt Guild went to the Wimberly Quilt Ranch for a Retreat.  It was awesome.  First off, I took the day off on Friday-sooo BONUS!!  I had along list of things I wanted to work on:
1.  Carpenter Quilt Pattern Top Done
2.  Baby Top for a friend of Mine (I didn't have it on my list of things to do, but I got inspired and did the top and the back.  It's ready to go) I'd take a picture, but don't want her to see it if she looks at my blog.
3. Eleanor Burns Turnover Twist- quilt back ( It's sort of done.  Mom already pieced the front and I liked the pattern and fabric so she gave it to me- I just have to put the back together. ) I have parts of it done, but needed more tan for the rest of the fabric.
4.  Continue to work on my Freebird Blocks.- I got about 20 more made.  I only have about 40 or so to go.
5.  Baby gifts for a friend of mine (Can't show a picture in case she views my blog)
6.  Virginia Tech Blocks- I didn't get to these. 
7.  Swoon- I didn't get to these .

It was a very productive weekend.  My back hurts like the dickens.  Although we have this little back massager machine called a Dolphin:
This little machine is the most AWESOME thing ever!! I have to get me one.

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