Saturday, December 5, 2009

Brrrr it's cold

Today it's cold outside. It was supposed to snow outside yesterday- we got about 2 minutes of it in Texas. My kids at school ( high school kids- age 17 and 18) were so excited when it snow outside. When I mean snow- there was about a handful of snowflakes and they all wanted to go out and play in it. There was nothing to play in, but these kids never see snow and were so overjoyed. They were convinced we were going to get out of school early for it.

Anyway, our Georgetown Christmas stroll was this morning. Crafts, parades, bands, food etc. Lots of Holiday cheer. It was really bitter cold. But it was nice. Nice crafts- even though I didn't buy anything. Then I went to lunch with my friend Crystal and home to clean and vaccuum up more cat hair.

Ohhh- St. Nick ( ya I know I'm a day early) gave me some candy and the best thing of all- A furminator for the cats. BEST THING EVER on the planet!

It is Dad'd birthday today too, but he hadn't opened his present or his card so I'll have to check later and see if he liked his homemade card and if they liked the Christmas card I sent them. And yes it was the only card I'm sending out this year. Sorry everyone else.

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